Lighting gives life to everything and makes it beautiful and eccentric. Yet, people often grapple with deciding lighting for their living room. But this struggle is no more for your mansions in Long Island. The living room is a place where we serve our guests. We chill with our family. We think and relax. In short, our home is incomplete without the living room. But what is the thing which makes a living room look incomplete? That is perfect lighting! In this article, you will learn everything about picture-perfect lighting.

The Five-Tiers Lightning

Perfect lights can help you in everything. Not only in daily activities but they also influence the hormones of our body This five-layer lightning plan works perfectly for an ignited living room. It includes five layers of lights. The first tier is known as the light for ‘acting. The second-tier lighting is light for ‘knowing.’  The third tier is called light for ‘feeling.’ Light for ‘changing’ is the fourth tier in the lighting plan. Whereas light for ‘tell your story ‘Is the fifth layer in this perfect lighting plan. 

Light For Acting- The First Tier

People use the living room differently. The lighting depends on what you do in your living room. First, analyze the tasks you do in your living room. Don’t forget the functions of your family too. Then select the lightning for the room. For example, if you like to read, go for floor lamps and table lamps. For television or show lovers, dimmable lights are recommended in the living room. As the lamplight could show reflection on the television screen. If you are someone who loves gaming, choose both downlights and lamp lights. These lights will brighten up your living room and give you an exceptional gaming experience. Just like the examples above, analyze your activities and choose lights for the mansions in Long Island accordingly.

Light For Knowing – The Second Tier

Light for knowing is the second layer used in continuing the conversations. A house has many people in it. All of us live with our families or our friends. Discussions are an essential part of our daily lives. Therefore, it is necessary to see each other while discussing something. Seeing each other’s faces keeps both parties engaged and makes them feel worthy. Living rooms are the main spaces where everyone talks and has conversations. To light up your living rooms perfect for knowing each other, wall sconces are recommended. They provide ideal light to the ambient and outlines the capacity of the room. Place some beautiful lamps at the head level in the corners of the room. And install some beautiful lights in the ceiling cove. Fixing lights in the ceilings will distribute the glow all over the room. This layer of lightning will help you to know each other better. With perfect lighting and never-ending engaging conversations.

Light For Feeling – The Third Tier

All of us have different moods at different times. Lights also play an essential role in influencing our feelings.  We will feel more energetic and fresher on a sunny day. Where our living room is all lightened up with bright, rich natural light passing through windows. In contrast, we want a more relaxing and comfortable environment at night.  A room with dim lights will be our preference. That is why the third layer of lightning is light for feeling. You can bring this layer into your living room with many options. Recessed downlights, accent/ brogue lamps or wall sconces, and many more. These lights will highlight the features of your room. Such as fireplaces, sculptured furnishings, stone elements and any other accessories. You can adjust these lights and add more if you want. This layer of lighting will help you in feeling calmer and more relaxed. And will make your living room your favorite place. Mansions in Long Island can also assist you in selecting lights with its list of lightning. You can also visit the website of Home Builders Long Island for more. 

Home Builders Long Island

Home Builders Long Island

Light For Transforming – The Fourth Tier

This layer of lightning is all about changing. We do different things at different timings. That is why every situation needs distant lightning. When we watch a movie or series, we keep the lights low. While playing a game, we need high lights. For conversing with friends or reading a book, we prefer medium lights. These different stages of lightning help us to shift from one task to another. Select various sized lamps with differentiated lights in them. Use them for specific functions at different moments. If not lamps, you can go for dimmers. They will enable you to adjust the lights according to the situation. You can select a gorgeous chandelier too, with layers of lights in it. These lights can also be adjusted with the help of dimmers. It will also give a mesmerizing look to your living room all the time.

Light For Narrating Your Story – The Fifth Tier

Lights for telling your story are the last layer of lightning. This layer helps in narrating your style, character, and your love for unique things. It depends on where these lights are placed in the mansions in Long Island. For instance, putting a spotlight on a painting will show your love for the art. Installing an eccentric chandelier in your living room will show your elegance. A gorgeous tiffany lampshade will demonstrate your passion for colors and creativity.  You can go for different ornamental light fixtures too. Camouflaged lights in the showcases or the ceilings will show your creativity. And will provide a stunning glow to your living room. You can mix and match the light fixtures with the paint color and furnishings. This will give a settled and exceptional look to your living room. Your guests will be amazed by your choice and will identify your personality. Because your lights will tell everything about you.


Lighten up your houses and mansions in Long Island with these superficial five layers of lightning. Make your living room a perfect one with these tiers of lightning. Analyze yourself and your living room. Go to the market. Buy the lights of your choice according to each layer. Place them perfectly. And that is it. Enjoy every moment in your perfectly lighted living room. 

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