Purchasing a home is like participating in a sport; you must first learn the rules, get in good shape, and then you can win the game. In 2021, “winning” means figuring out how you line up against investors’ credentials, getting ready to deal with other borrowers, and following the SOPs through the whole process restricted by the government.

All the Home Builders in NY have to follow the SOPs, which has made it hard for them to show the property to their potential buyers. Home Builders Long Island has made it easy for the buyers during this pandemic by giving them virtual tours of the houses. You can visit our page or contact us for more details. 

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the real estate industry. Pandemic has made it hard for some buyers to get financing due to high unemployment and an unstable economy.  

Is now a good time to buy a property? Here’s what you should know.


The decision to purchase a home depends on your financial condition. 

It could be a brilliant idea to buy a house during COVID if you:

  • Have a good income 
  • A credit score of 580-620 or higher. 
  • A stable job
  • Can afford extra expenses like down payment and closing expenses 

You’ll probably have a more challenging time having a mortgage right now if you were just laid off and then called again to work or work in a COVID-affected industry.


As all the real estate agents have been following all the SOPs restricted by the government, the whole home buying process has also gone entirely online. Now real estate agents will give virtual tours instead of in-person showings. The home inspection will also be taken virtually, depending on who you’re working with. 

Home Builders Long Island is one of the leading home builders in New York. With years of experience, and will provide you with the best services in Long Island. Home Builders Long Island will offer you services following all the SOPs and make the whole process less stressful for you. Contact us today and get to know more about us. 

Home Builders in Long Island

Home Builders in Long Island


According to a report, home prices are expected to rise in 2021, but not as quickly as they did in 2020. Prices will likely increase by 5.9% in 2021. Pricing varies according to seasons. June and July are the most costly months to buy a home, while January and February are the least expensive.  


The First Step

During the COVID pandemic, the first step toward purchasing a home has remained unchanged. Pre-approval for a mortgage should be the first step for potential homeowners. A preapproval letter does not ensure that a homeowner will work with you as they will scrutinize your finances more thoroughly. 

This will not only help with the search of your home but will also inform real estate brokers and buyers that you’ll most likely be able to close on a deal after you’ve made a bid. 

Is It Necessary For Me To Hire A Real Estate Agent To Purchase A Home?

A real estate agent is not required to purchase a home, but they can be instrumental. A real estate agent usually has extensive knowledge of the local market and is aware of all the market trends. They can save you time by doing a lot of legwork. 

They will scour listings for perfect properties and schedule showings for you after you’ve told them your price range and the type of house you want to purchase. He will also help you with negotiations and will find a perfect deal for you. 

Home Builders Long Island is a team of professionals and experienced people who have been working in this industry for years. We are one leading home builders in Long Island, and we have maintained our reputation with our quality work. Visit our website for more details.  

Can I buy A House Remotely?

Yes, you can buy a house remotely, but it depends on the seller, agent, or lender. So if you are avoiding visiting a house in person due to COVID, you can always have virtual tours of the house. There are visual tours, online applications. 

If your lender allows simulated closings, you can have ownership of your home without having to meet in person. However, there are certain drawbacks too sometimes.

If your inspector hasn’t taken a good look at your property and overlooks the red flags, that would have caused you to rethink purchasing the home. 

Being one of the best home builders on Long Island, we make the whole buying process easy for you. We provide all kinds of services whether you want to buy, sell or rent your house.  


Accessing your credit score and existing loans is the easiest way to determine whether you qualify to purchase a home. It could be a reasonable time to buy a home if your credit score is 580 or higher and your loans are manageable. 

Apply for a pre-approval to see how much a lender would let you borrow to learn more about options. 

Do you have more questions about making homeownership possible in 2021? Let us know in the comments. 

You can also check our page, and Home Builders Long Island is one of the top home builders in Long Island with years of experience.

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