People invest in home renovations to get higher returns while selling. But it’s not always necessary that those upgrades will pay off equally. Therefore, get ready to invest efficiently with Home Builders Long Island today’s article. 

Everyone loves remodeling projects. They make a house more attractive and increase its value. But at the same time, they also charge a lot. We all know that remodeling the kitchen and bathroom takes lots of money. But there is no guarantee that you will recover the invested cash again. With this, covid-19 has changed the whole scenario for everything. People and economies are suffering.  The real estate market has transformed totally, and so is the buyer’s demand.  In this situation, investing in renovations, whether big or small, is risky. They can take enormous time and money due to current conditions. But even with all of this, buyers are still looking for the best. A well-maintained house with all ideal facilities is still the preference of today’s buyers. Now you must be thinking, what should be done in this situation? Well, Home Builders Long Island has bought six best covid-19 home renovation ideas. These are budget-friendly as they cost less than $10K and experts advised. Continue reading and know more!

  1. Cleaning

Cost: Below Or Equal To $500

No one likes dirtiness, whether it’s a house or any other place. Since we are talking about budget-friendly home upgrades, cleaning comes first. It has become a necessity, especially after the pandemic. A clean house lures buyers quickly and increases the house’s worth and attractiveness. Every corner of the house deserves equal importance when it comes to cleaning. But there are some things which can turn off the buyers in a glimpse. Some of them are:

  • Remove the scum rings around the drains and sinks of the house.
  • Clean the scratches and marks on the cabinets, doors, and walls of the house.
  • Scrub the stains around the faucets and on the counters of the house.
  • Curtains and cushions covered with dirty patches and layers of filth.
  • Bunch of cobwebs and dust on the corners of the house’s walls.

All of these look very bad if left uncleaned. But thankfully, cleaning these issues doesn’t take much time and money. This renovation idea will cost less than $500 or can cost exactly $500. It depends on your house size and cleaning items.

Home Builders Long Island

Home Builders Long Island

  1. Installing Fresh Air System With Touchless Fittings

Cost: Between $500 To $8000

Home Builders Long Island cares for the health of our readers.  Staying germs-free has now become everyone’s priority after covid-19. The buyers want more safety and cleanliness in a house. Therefore, it’s time to invest in touchless fixtures and air systems. Buy touchless toilet seats and sinks and install them. They will make your house a smart house which will tempt buyers. At the same time, they eliminate the need to touch any germ-filled surface. With this, fresh air is another essential thing to eradicate the virus. Installing a renewed air system in the house will benefit you in many ways. It will continuously pull fresh air after a few hours. These home upgrades are a plus point for your home as they save everyone. Your house will look more modernized, which will lure the buyers quickly.

Home Builders Long Island

Home Builders Long Island

  1. Beautifying The Backyard

Cost: Between $600 To $10000

People see the backyard as a place to extend the living space. You don’t need to spend dollars on beautifying your backyard. You can do this with minor changes. Some inexpensive ideas within $10K are:

  • Install a small fire pit in the backyard to make winter evenings more beautiful.
  • Choose a small water feature showpiece. Get it installed in a perfect corner of the backyard and see the magic. It creates a soothing and alluring impact that will attract the buyers in a glimpse.
  • Buy some outdoor furniture to make seating more comfortable and attractive.
  • Install new outdoor kitchen cabinets. Repaint them if you already have them in the kitchen.
Home Builders Long Island

Home Builders Long Island

  1. Renewing The Entrance Gate

Cost: Below or Equal to $2000

The first thing which a buyer interacts with is the front door. Therefore, it should look lavish and attractive. The entrance door creates the first impression on the buyer’s mind. He will get attracted quickly and assume that the house is well maintained. In contrast, an old door will discourage the buyer. His interest may get lost, thinking that the house will look the same as the door. Some easy and inexpensive ideas for door upgrade are:

  • Consider repainting the door with a fresh color that complements your house look.
  • If not this, you can update the hardware or accessories of the door. Replace the house number, handle, knockers. Choose the trendy yet beautifully decent ones.
  • Buy fresh flower pots and place them on both sides of the door.
  • Select a welcome mat and place it in front of the door.
  • Buy some attractive lightning and place it around the house number. It will give a cuter yet stunning look to the entrance.
Home Builders Long Island

Home Builders Long Island

  1. Modernizing Kitchen & Bathrooms

Cost: Less Than Or Equal To $9500

A house with an outdated and ill-maintained kitchen and bathrooms creates many issues. New upgraded kitchen and bathroom counters, sinks, and faucets can do wonders. These fixtures are inexpensive and will change the entire house look. They lower the house value and buyer’s expectations. Some ideas are:

  • Replace the old cabinet doors with white doors. If not, repaint the cabinets. Install some customized drawers with soft-pull hardware for a smooth feeling.
  • Upgrade the old kitchen and bathroom countertops with granite.
  • Install new faucets and sinks in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Buy some fresh towels and new vanities for the bathroom.
  • Don’t forget to update the light fixtures of the kitchen and bathroom. Choose trendy lights and install them to enhance the attractiveness of both spaces.
Home Builders Long Island

Home Builders Long Island

  1. Creating Or Updating A Home Office

Cost: Less Than Or Equal To $10000

Home offices are now a necessity after the pandemic. Buyers reject the houses which don’t have a home office or space for creating one. A separate room makes many things feasible and peaceful. Whether it’s an office meeting or a classroom, everything is doable. If you don’t have a space, consider carving out an area from the house. Invest in buying new shelves, furniture, and accessories for an already existing home office. It will enhance the beauty of the space and tempt the buyers too.

Home Builders Long Island

Home Builders Long Island


Selling a house at a high price after a pandemic is quite challenging. But don’t worry because Home Builders Long Island is here for your help! These ideas are not only budget-friendly but also covid-must upgrades. Renovate your house with the things mentioned in the article. Juice up your house’s value and sell it within weeks at your desired price.

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