Selling a home is a big deal. People invested and spent their money and time in their beloved homes. That is why at the time of selling, they want high prices. Home Builders Long Island has been working in the housing industry for years. We know the worth of houses and the mistakes people make while selling them. People spend a lot of money on renovating their homes before selling. They think that it will increase their house’s value. But it is not the case. Spending money on everything is not worth it. They end up wasting lots of money, time, energy and still get unsatisfied prices. All of this happens because every home and every person are different.

So, you must be thinking, what’s the solution after this? Well, today’s article by Home Builders Long Island is all about the solutions. We will tell you five critical questions below. Keep these questions in mind before you plan a renovation while selling your home. Ask for answers from yourself and then make further decisions. 

The Questions to Ask Before the Revamp

Answer these five questions designed by the professionals of Home Builders Long Island. It will give you an idea about whether to invest in repairing or not. 

  1. Do The Items Look Like They Haven’t Repaired for Years?

Sometimes people forget or ignore things after buying a home. That is why they get damaged after continuous use. When things don’t look like they are in actuality, they look bad. Examples could be Broken tiles, leaky sinks, cracked appliances, overgrown plants, old paint or anything. All of this turns off the buyers very quickly. If they see any of these things, they will drop your house immediately. Go through your home. There are many useful DIYs to renew a home.  Check if everything is in its proper shape or place or not. If you find any fault, fix it and make your home look more presentable.

  1. Will Buyers See This Thing Before Any Other Things in The House?

There could be a hundred things in a house which need renovation. But you cannot spend on each of them. You need to be sure about the things which necessarily need fixing. Ask yourself if this is the first item the buyers will see? Will this thing attract the buyer in their first walk through your house?  If your answer is yes, repair it without any further doubt. It can be your entrance door or your garden. Fix it so that buyers get a remarkable, unforgettable first impression of your house.

  1. Can Those Repairs Break the Deal?

Go through the home listings in your area. Have an idea about how other homes look like. Some fixes are more petite and get done quickly. In contrast, some of them are bigger and require colossal money and time. Ask yourself if those repairs can cancel the deal or not. Let it be if your answer is no. If you answer yes, get it fixed. It’s better to decrease your quoted price if you don’t have enough money. You can also offer to pay the repair expense later in the sales agreement. Home Builders Long Island will recommend you wait. In case you don’t want to go for the above suggestions. Delay your home selling till the market becomes a sellers’ market. Once the market gets in your favor, then list your home. You will get your desired prices with minor repairs.

  1. Can You Fix the Items at Less Cost?

You see many luxurious homes while going through the home listings. They have a fully furnished kitchen, bathroom, and whatnot. Now while comparing them with your house, you may see many differences. Buyers will lure to the more furnished ones. If you think of making your home the same as others, it’s not intelligent. It will cost you a lot and will eventually decrease your profits. Think of a more efficient way rather than spending hundreds of dollars. If your bathroom needs a remodel, start by giving a fresh paint coat. Or change the faucets and showers. You can add more lights or mirrors as well. Including additional storage or plants can be your option too. All of this can be done at a low cost and in less time. You will end up remodeling your bathroom like a new one.

  1. If Not Fixed, How Much the Repair Can Lower the House Price?

It could be possible that your house needs lots of fixing. In this case, it will require lots of money. Only then will it look well-furnished and will get you the desired price. If you don’t want to spend that much money, re-evaluate your home price. See how much cost those repairs can eliminate from your quoted rate. The buyers visit many houses. They have an idea about the trending prices. They will not agree on paying you high prices for a non-maintained home. Therefore, estimate those costs before and set a price accordingly.


Preparing a home before selling becomes a plus point for the sellers. It increases the chances of selling that too at high prices. Fix all your home items efficiently by asking yourself these five questions. Highlight your home among other houses for sale and attract more buyers. Visit the website of Home Builders Long Island for more assistance. Happy Selling!

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