We all love our homes as they are our happy and safe place. But the fear of covid-19 has changed the scenario. Our homes aren’t safe either. That is why Home Builders Long Island bought this article for you. The virus spreads with close human interaction. It is necessary to wash your hands and avoid touching your face. But that’s not it. Our houses need proper cleaning too. The virus can live in different places for many hours. It has the capability of staying alive for weeks as well. Therefore, we may encounter viruses even if we follow social distancing.

Are Cleaning & Disinfecting Two Different Things?

People use disinfecting cleaners for cleaning the houses. They clean the most touchable surfaces too. But that’s not enough. Most of us don’t know the difference between cleaning and disinfecting. We randomly use different products in our cleaning routine. Therefore, it is crucial to see the distinction.

  • Cleaning means removing germs, dirt, and filth. It decreases the number of germs and always comes first.
  • Disinfecting exterminates the germs. It involves chemical products which lessen the chances of disseminating the virus. It comes after cleaning.

So, what should be done after all of this? What needs to be done to make our homes completely safe? Keep reading and clean your house accurately! Well, Home Builders Long Island will tell you a proper house cleaning routine.

Install More Hand Washing Spots

Washing hands frequently is in the guidelines of covid-19. A twenty-second hand washing is compulsory. You can get germs after sneezing, coughing, or puffing your nose. Make sure you wash hands before and after:

  • You eat your food.
  • You use the bathroom.
  • You come home from somewhere.
  • You must install more hand washing spots in your home. For this, you need to place:
  • A bottle of liquid hand wash. You don’t necessarily need to buy an antibacterial handwash.
  • Packs of paper and hand towels
  • A dustbin
  • A packet of disinfecting wipes for cleaning the counters and taps.

Place all the above items near all sinks in your house. It will make hand washing more accessible and quicker.

 Buy Effective Hand Sanitizers

You can when you don’t have water and soap. Hand sanitizers, which contain 60% alcohol, are effective. Make sure you check the amount of alcohol before buying the sanitizer. If your hands are very grubby, don’t use sanitizer. It will not be effective on your hands. You need to wash your hands properly with water and soap. Place sanitizer bottles in different spots of your home. So that you and your family can disinfect your hands frequently.

Choose the Best Products & Don’t Forget to Read the Instructions.

People use simple water and soap for cleaning. After the breakdown of covid-19, this is not enough. You need to pick and use the right products for your house cleaning. Antibacterial cleaning products are the most usable and effective ones.  Some people ignore or forget to read and follow the instructions on products. It is important to use the best products in the right way. It’s better to choose Environmental Protection Agency registered disinfectant products. Be attentive while using bleaches for cleaning purposes. Its overuse can fade the color of the tiles and harm the granite. Include the following tips in your cleaning routine:

  • Firstly, clean the surfaces with soap and water daily.
  • For the preparation of bleach, take five tablespoons of bleach. Mix it with a gallon of water. Don’t mix the bleach for house cleaning with other cleaners.
  • Select an alcohol solution that has seventy percent alcohol while choosing rubbing alcohol.
  • Always check the expiry dates. Expire products will not clean your house effectively.
  • Always read instructions about the leaving and washing periods of products. Doing this will keep your house surface safe from excessive damages.

Prepare & Follow A Just Got Home Schedule

You may have a regular after-office routine before covid-19. But now the situation has changed. You need to be more conscious after the pandemic. Prepare a just got home routine for yourself. Home Builders Long Island will tell you how below:

  • Put all your things in one place after getting home. These include your keys, mobile phone, laptop, sunglasses, or other accessories.
  • Start by washing your hands for twenty to thirty seconds.
  • Wipe all your belongings with antibacterial wipes and let them dry.
  • For electronic devices, be attentive while using liquids. Gently clean the touch screens. Never use disinfectant solution or sanitizers directly on them.
  • Put your dirty clothes in the washing machine after one-time use. Don’t reuse them as they could be exposed to the virus during the day.
  • Throw your face mask in the dustbin after one-time use.

Pay Attention to The Most Touchable Surfaces

Cleaning and disinfecting the whole house comes first. With this, it is essential to pay attention to touchable surfaces. These include Doorknobs, switches, desks, tables, handles, and remote controllers primarily. After cleaning them properly, disinfect them after specific time intervals. It will minimize the risk of spreading the virus.

Don’t Forget the Virus While Doing Laundry

You must follow proper precautions while doing laundry. You are washing your dirty clothes, which may carry the virus in them. The guidelines for this task by Home Builders Long Island are:

  • Use gloves while doing laundry.
  • Start by putting the dirty clothes in the washing machine.
  • Put the washing machine settings at slightly warmest. It is better to wash the clothes with warm water. It saves clothes from excessive damage and eliminates the virus too.
  • Prevent shaking dirty clothes. It can disperse the virus in the air.
  • Don’t forget to wash your hands for a good twenty to thirty seconds after laundry.

Make Your Children Follow the Covid-19 SOPs

Kids are the most innocent creatures. Their chances of catching the virus are higher than the of adults. Therefore, they must follow the precautions too. It’s a little harder to make them understand things. But don’t worry! Home Builders Long Island will solve this issue of yours. Turn the tedious learning process into fun for your kids with our tips below:

  • Use a colorful container for keeping soaps. You can also let your kids choose their favorite soaps. It will attract them, and they will wash their hands frequently.
  • Decorate the sanitizer bottles with colorful stickers. It will lure the children into using them.
  • Sing their favorite poems or songs with them for twenty seconds. It will make them habitual to wash hands for a longer time.
  • Place a firm stool near every sink in the house. It will make the soap and water easily accessible to your children.


Our lives were normal before covid-19. Everything was safe. But after the pandemic, we are living with the new normal. It includes social distancing, gloves, masks, sanitizers, and fear of being covid positive. Everything has changed now, including our home cleaning routine. Make your home virus-free with these guidelines of Home Builders Long Island. Stay happy, clean & safe!


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