Summer vacations always bring excitement and joy for everyone, but security is also crucial. People often forget to check their homes properly while going on summer vacations. Therefore, Home Builders Long Island has bought this article for you. Most of the robberies happen during the summer vacation break. The reasons are empty homes and homeowner’s negligence. When all of us pack our luggage and leave our houses. The happiness of having a break makes us forget that we are leaving our houses. That is when the thieves got the chance to get into our homes. We must check our places properly before going on vacation. So that we can enjoy the holidays without losing anything.

The Home Security Tips

Close your home for robbers forever. Below are ten helpful security tips for your house. Follow them this summer vacation before leaving your house.

Tip No 01: Make Sure To Lock The Doors & Windows Of The House

Most of the intruders enter a home through the front door or a window. Therefore, you need to shut them properly in the first place. If you want, you can replace the locks and keys as well. Close all the doors and the windows of the house. Double-check all of them before heading out on vacation.

Tip No 02: Install Light Timers

Light timers are another secure way to protect your home. It makes your house look subjugated and prevents burglars from entering in. This method is affordable and easy to use. Select a timer that has an automatic on and off option in it. Set your timers for different times of the day. The lights will get on and off repeatedly throughout the day. The light timer will confuse the robbers whether the home is empty or not. 

Tip No 03: Set Up A Security System In The House

Another important tip is to install a security system. According to a survey, the homes which do not have a security system have a 300% chance of being burglarized. Technology has made everything advanced and easily accessible. You can check your home security from anywhere through your mobile. Security cameras allow you to check in on every spot of your house. You can easily lock up or unlock your doors and windows with portable security devices.

Tip No 04: Secure Your Valuables In A Locker

Buy a safe or a locker before going on a vacation. Choose a vault that is waterproof and fireproof. This feature will keep them safe even in natural misfortunes. Lock all your valuables in that locker to keep them away from the robbers. Hide that locker in a secure yet unreachable place of your house. You can also choose a bank locker to keep your valuables in it.

Tip No 05: Set Up Security Lights In The Outdoor

The intruders get attracted to the dark areas. They look for homes that have no lights in the entrance. Therefore, light up your whole house before leaving for the vacation. Buy motion-activated security lights. Install them around the home. Your house will be more visible and secure. These lights will frighten the burglars while they scan for their next target.

Tip No 06: Inform Your Neighbors That You Are Going On Holidays

Our neighbors are also like a family to us. Therefore, it’s better to inform them about your vacation period. Give them your number so that they can reach you in an emergency. Tell them to inform you about all the activities. It includes the people who visited your home during the holiday period. Whether they are your home sitter or your relatives.

Tip No 07: Take Out The Hidden Keys From Your House

All of us hide our home’s keys in case of emergencies. Most of the thieves use these hidden keys to enter the house. That is why it is another tip of securing your home. Remove all the keys from everywhere before heading out.  Whether they are under the doormat or in the plant pot, take out all of them. If possible, change the locks and shift to keyless locks. It will eliminate the tension of handling or hiding keys.

Tip No 08: Hire A Home Sitter For Your House

It’s always a better idea not to leave your home alone. For this, you can take the services of a home sitter. It would be great in case you have pets. You can ask any of your relatives for home sitting. Or else, many other people are offering this service. Remember to hire from a reliable agency. It is a more affordable way to protect the house. The homesitter will do the following tasks in your absence:

  • Collect all the emails.
  •  Take the garbage to the bins.
  • Clean the house every day.
  • Take care of the pets and many more.

Tip No 09: Put A Stop On The Mail Delivery Service

An overloaded mailbox can tell everyone that you are out of town. Place a hold on all the mail deliveries while going out on vacation. In case your holidays are more than thirty days, don’t worry. You can also ask a friend or a relative to pick your mail. If you don’t want the above options, Home Builders Long Island has a solution. Tell your new location to the delivery company. They will send the emails to the new address.  

Tip No 10: Don’t Forget The Utilities With Security Precautions

Home Builders Long Island wants your home to remain perfect after your vacation. Our next tip is all about it. It’s necessary to take care of your utilities with your home. It includes electricity, water, and gas for the house. Turn off all the water valves of the entire space. Switch off all the electrical appliances. Don’t forget to check the smoke detector. These precautions will decrease the chances of occurrence of surprising blunders. 


Protect your home with these excellent security tips even when you’re not home. Enjoy your vacations without any fears related to your house. Happy Vacations from Home Builders Long Island!

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